Trivia Rules


1. To win the game a player must answer 7 questions correctly, for a faster game play to 5 correct answers instead.

2. The youngest player at the table goes first to start the game, in consecutive games the player that won the previous game goes first.

3. Teams or individual players choose the number 1, 2, 3 or 4 to define which questions they will be asked on each card. If the cards run out prior to someone winning the game, reshuffle the deck. All 4 teams of players choose a new number to get a new series of 52 possible questions, until someone wins the game. Players should continue to choose new numbers, each time a deck is played.

4.On each of their turns another player reads them the question on the chosen card that corresponds to their number for the entire game. Ex. the player that chose #1, gets the first question on the pulled card each time it is his turn to answer a question for that game.

5. If the player answers the question correctly, the player is given the card to display in front of her position and gets a second question to answer from another drawn card.

6. Play passes after the second question regardless ofwhether the player answers the questions correctly or not to the next clockwise player - no player gets more than two questions in a row.

7. When questions are not answered correctly, the card is placed on the bottom of the deck and play passes to the next player.

8. As players get questions correct they display their cards in front of their position openly so other players can see how many the player has answered correctly, and not stacked.

9. It is recommended that players play at least 3 games consecutively, with a person or team winning at least 2 games being named the overall winner of the evening.

10.** Players should use their best judgment as a group when a player answers a question. Even if a player does not answer a question with the exact wording, as long as the collective group deems the answer close enough to the exact answer, the player should be awarded the card.