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52 Card Trivia Complete Edition comes with the coolest game board on the market, and 4 soon to be favorite collectible decks of 52 Trivia Cards, each in a unique category with their own stylized colorful designs, but don't let the design fool you. They are all as challenging as they're cool to look at. Impress your friends and family with this collectible fun trivia game that you will never get tired of because new categories will always be available for purchase. Pick up the game today and keep trivia fun !       

  • Impress family and friends by bringing the Coolest Trivia Game on the quiz market to Holiday Gatherings,  Game Nights, Trivia Nights or have fun playing Trivia anytime 
  • Continually add New Unique Categories like Who Said It, Hard Rock & Hair Band Trivia and Southern Know-it-all Trivia and more coming soon. So, that the game never gets boring, questions don't get memorized and keeps trivia fun
  •  832 Questions that are both entertaining & challenging
  • Great Gift or Christmas Present for Trivia Fans 
  • Category add ons make great stocking stuffers
  • Category Tuck boxes that come with the game are perfect for road trip games. Just like the add on categories. 


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