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  • Transform your trivia Game Nights : Featuring a breathtaking game board, 4 dynamic Category decks, over 832 Questions, and an abundance of fun for trivia enthusiasts everywhere
  • 4 Entertaining Categories Included : Explore Cartoon & Animated Movies, 50 States Road Trip a theme for guys and for girls.
  • Each of the category decks have 52 cards with 4 questions on each of the cards for a total of 208 questions per category deck, and in total 832 questions per game.
  • More add-on categories available! In addition to the 4 thrilling decks included with the game edition, we've already released 3 more decks - Southern Know it all, Who Said It, 80s Rock & Hair Band—ensuring endless variety and excitement in every game session
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Each category deck comes in a vibrant and compact matching tuck box, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment during road trips and travels.
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