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Welcome to the ultimate trivia game night with the 52 Card Trivia Game Night Edition which includes the coolest game board on the trivia market, 4 super fun trivia category decks: a Category Themed for Girls, a Category Themed for Guys, Cartoon & Animated Movie Category that everyone young, and adult will enjoy, and a 50 State Category that will surprise you in how fun it is, over 800 questions of trivia enthusiast bliss, but the categories and questions don't stop there. 52 Card Trivia is the first ever trivia game to make available for purchase add on categories. So, that you can mix and match and change up the game. This allows for many different trivia games in one. Currently 3 categories are available to add on "Hard Rock & Hairband" for 80s music buffs, "Who Said It" which is a game that tests your knowledge of famous quotes and 'Southern Know It All" a category that is filled with SEC football, Bourbon, Civil War and southern dishes questions, all of category game decks even the ones that are included with the game edition come in artfully designed compact tuck boxes that are perfect additions to any road trip for travel entertainment. (More categories coming soon)

  • 4 Entertaining Categories Included : Explore Cartoon & Animated Movies, 50 States Road Trip a theme for guys and for girls.
  • Each of the category decks have 52 cards with 4 questions on each of the cards for a total of 208 questions per category deck, and in total 832 questions per game.
  • More add-on categories available! In addition to the 4 thrilling decks included with the game edition, we've already released 3 more decks - Southern Know it all, Who Said It, 80s Rock & Hair Band—ensuring endless variety and excitement in every game session
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Each category deck comes in a vibrant and compact matching tuck box, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment during road trips and travel fun in general.

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