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52 cards of hair spray, big hair, make up, tight pants, music videos, lighter swaying ballads, and rock n fricking roll trivia to prove you're the master of the decade of decadence that brought us the hair band, and banging your head hard rock. So, get out your aqua net, roll up your jeans, and rock out to 52 CARD 80's HARD ROCK & HAIR BAND TRIVIA. Purchase & Start the rocking knowledge!

  • 208 questions from the decade of decadence that brought us the Hair Band & banging your head hard rock
  • Great for parties especially those that are 80's theme
  • Tuck box makes the game easily portable and great for road trips with the guys or girls
  • Unique category add on to the Complete 52 Card Trivia Home Edition to keep trivia fun
  • Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffer
  • Great Gift Idea


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