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Bourbon, hunting, fishing, the Civil War, baseball, Saturdays in the fall, and all the pageantry that makes up the SEC, and  together it all makes up the story of the southern states. Do you know it all? Find out when you purchase & play 52 CARD SOUTHERN KNOW-IT ALL TRIVIA.

  • 208 trivia questions derived from the story of the southern states 
  • SEC Trivia that all college football fans will enjoy
  • Perfect road trip game while traveling through the SEC country or while tailgating at games 
  • Unique Civil War history trivia questions
  • How bourbon became the spirit of the south trivia 
  • Great for game nights, parties and holidays gatherings 
  • Unique Category to add to your Complete 52 Card Trivia Home Edition 
  • Perfect Christmas stocking stuffer
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