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In history so many great, and notorious men & women have captured the essence of inspiration in a short phrase or quick witted prose, and these words have become part of our everyday language. So, much so that we forget who originally said them. In many cases the phrases take on their own life as a quote. If you are fascinated or think you know quotes or just want to learn who said some of the most famous phrases that are apart of our everday conversations, on t-shirts, bumper stickers, or motivational posters, and are continually inspiring life. Then you have to play 52 CARD WHO SAID IT TRIVIA"Insert Quote Here". Gather your friends and family together and play this exciting new 52 CARD WHO SAID IT TRIVIA, and you will for sure have a good time. Pick up the game today!

  • 208 questions spanning the most famous, and notorious phrases that have taken on their own life as a quote and make up this Who Said It Trivia Game 
  • Great for parties, holidays gatherings, and game nights
  • Tuck box packaging makes it portable and great for road trip trivia
  • Unique category to add on to your Complete 52 Card Trivia Home Edition to Keep Trivia Fun
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