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  • 52 Card Trivia, Who Said It Trivia, Famous & Inspirational Quotes, Perfect Road Trip Trivia Card Set. Trivia Card Game For Adults.
  • Explore 208 thought-provoking quotes in our captivating trivia game, "Who Said It Trivia, Famous Quotes."
  • Test your knowledge of famous lines from history, literature, movies, and more with our diverse card set.
  • This category add-on seamlessly integrates with our 52 Card Trivia Board Game Night Edition, enhancing gameplay with fresh challenges and excitement."
  • Perfect for game nights or gatherings, challenge friends to identify the speaker behind iconic phrases.
  • Stimulate conversation and laughter as players recall memorable quotes and their origins.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Each category deck comes in a vibrant and compact matching tuck box, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment during road trips and travels.
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