Mix & Match Categories

We created 52 Card Trivia because we wanted a trivia game that continually makes available new and unique trivia categories to add to the categories that came with the original trivia game. So, no longer do you, friends and family have to get bored playing the same trivia game at holiday gatherings or on game nights.
Because with the new 52 Card Trivia Home Edition when you're ready all you have to do is scan the QR code on your game board with your phone camera, and go to 52cardtrivia.com to add additional fun & interesting 52 Card Trivia Categories filled with 208 questions that are entertaining, challenging & that come packed in cool collectible designed card boxes that will make you want to collect them all to add to your 52 Card Trivia Game. Pick up the game today, and keep trivia fun with the 52 Card Trivia Home Edition!

Endless fun for All Ages